WOMENS INTERFAITH EVENING - at Redbridge Faith Forum

Wed 26th May
 Workshop 5:  “ A Faith Perspective on Domestic Violence ”  

"We don't do God" keeping faith in your community project

Wed 2nd Jun
  This interactive and fun day will help you reconnect your work to your deepest convictions and begin to integrate a down-to-earth theology into your frontline work

Gujarat Hindu Society (Preston)

ladies preparing food in the kitchen at GHS
The Gujarat Hindu Society was established in 1965 to cater for and service the needs of the local community in Preston, Lancashire.

"Night Under Nets" - updated

Mon 19th Apr
Organisations working together in the run up to World Malaria Day, Update from the organisers  "Night Under Nets has just got even more exciting: The lovely people at Sumitomo Chemical who make the anti-malaria Olyset Net, have announced that: For every person who walks through the door at Night Under Nets, an anti-malaria bed net will be donated in your name. Every £5 bed net will protect an entire family from malaria. So you will be saving lives just by turning up! "  for more info click 'details' below

Meaningful Consultation with Faith Groups

Wed 28th Apr
Organised by the Consultation Institute  - looks like an expensive event at £199.00 plus vat for Charity and Voluntary groups but ...?
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