Faith in Social Action event - Tuesday 24th May

Draft programme - subject to revision

Change is in the air at FbRN ...

Faith Based Regeneration Network
The world is changing and so must we.

Building Networks Across Difference

Tue 17th Feb
A full-day training workshop exploring networking within and between faith communities. We will situate networks in individual contexts, and share knowledge, signposting and challenges through interactive sessions.

Re-awakening the Sacred: Business and economics

Wed 21st Jan
Following a successful talk last year on gift economy and a new economic paradigm, St Ethelburga's are exploring this theme for a second time.  

What is community? by Barney Leith

Words have meanings: some words, however, also have a fee

Peace Conference and On-going Peace Work

At the recent Peace Conference we organised with London Peace Network and Cordoba Foundation there was a demonstrable enthusiasm for continued practical work on peace-building activities.

Interfaith training workshop - St Ethelburgha's & Christian Muslim Forum

Mon 20th Oct
Full-day training workshop, aimed at all those seeking to develop a solid foundation for working or volunteering in interfaith initiatives.

Destitute Refugees and Migrants – What can I do?

Sat 20th Sep
Open Space event to discuss the lack of housing for many migrants in London.
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