A Sikh Perspective by Harmander Singh, FbRN Trustee

Given that Sikhs sign off their daily prayers with, ‘Nanak Naam Chardi Kalaa Tere Bhane Sarbat Ka Bhala’ meaning, accepting the Will of God, He will provide intensely energized, ever–ascending state of the spirit to the individual or group  in the overall interest and Welfare of the Entire Creation. 

Combined this with the three tenets of Sikhism, namely Kirt Kamai, Naam Japna and Vand Shakna – loosely translated to “Work, Worship and Charity” means everyone has a duty to help everyone else through honest work in the service of God.

My young protégé (101 year old marathon runner Fauja Singh) continues to do his bit by embarking on world-wide travel to partake in races in order to raise awareness of and funds for local charities as he feels that is all he can do at his age.