National and International Opportunities through FbRN

Local faith-based groups could access knowledge-building trips and more through FbRN sources.

One of the flagship initiatives of the Department for Communities and Local Government is the series of programmes grouped under the heading of community rights.  Local Community Economic Development is now being added to this range of programmes as is what is being called First Steps – assistance to neighbourhoods who are not yet fully organised.  FbRN would like to hear from local faith organisations who are already or would like to be involved in any of these programmes.


Have you ever considered the possibility of learning from colleagues across Europe?  Do you know that there is financial support for all kinds of visits, pan-European training and exchanges? These programmes are now all grouped together under the name Erasmus+.  We would like to put together a proposal based on youth work placements in the UK and other countries.  If you are interested in being a host organisation or sending young youth workers or trainers overseas please contact us.