A Hindu Perspective by Ramesh Pattni, FbRN Trustee

In the Bhagavad Gita, one of the foundational scriptures of the Hindus, there is concept of dharma at the level of the individual and the community – ‘lokasamgraha’ which brings the key ideas of Karma Yoga together in terms of selfless social action. A much more complex and inclusive version of social action was with us 5000 years ago. As Hindus living in UK, however, we find ourselves with a commitment to this society and our local communities to work in the truly Hindu Way, by bringing the energy of ‘lokasamgraha’ into transforming our local communities through relevant and appropriate social action.

Sai School of Harrow

Love All Serve All
The school models the very best in volunteering, delivering a highly regarded and professional service.

Gujarat Hindu Society (Preston)

ladies preparing food in the kitchen at GHS
The Gujarat Hindu Society was established in 1965 to cater for and service the needs of the local community in Preston, Lancashire.