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Building Networks Across Difference

Tue 17th Feb
A full-day training workshop exploring networking within and between faith communities. We will situate networks in individual contexts, and share knowledge, signposting and challenges through interactive sessions.

Re-awakening the Sacred: Business and economics

Wed 21st Jan
Following a successful talk last year on gift economy and a new economic paradigm, St Ethelburga's are exploring this theme for a second time.  

Building a politics of hope

Tue 24th Feb
Exploring the role and impact of faith-based leadership in local communities

Peace Conference and On-going Peace Work

At the recent Peace Conference we organised with London Peace Network and Cordoba Foundation there was a demonstrable enthusiasm for continued practical work on peace-building activities.

Finance and Fundraising Round-Up

News on the latest opportunities for funding from local and national sources around the UK. From £200 to hundreds of thousands, what could your organisation be considered for?

Organisational Development Resources

Beginnings and endings …  Resources for growth and restructure - including is it time to close your organisation down?  

Office support roles at St Ethelburga's

St Ethelburga's


St Ethelburga's seeking various roles

Full-time support role becoming available soon

St Etheleburga's much-loved Office and Facilities Manager is leaving and we are are seeking a replacement. If you think you have what it takes to look after our office processes and our building we'd love to hear from you.  This is a demanding but potentially very rewarding role at the heart of our team.  It would suit someone with a mature outlook who is grounded, practical and efficient and loves to be busy.  Luckily Susan has set up some great systems and written thorough manuals on how to handle it all, so you'll be well trained up.   If you are interested email with your CV.  

Part time bookkeeper-accountant with charity experience

We are currently looking for a bookkeeper-accountant with charity experience to work at our Centre.  If you are interested please with your CV. 

St Ethelburga's internships

Interns work four days a week and have a great introduction to working life and to peace-building, as well as a much-valued place on our team.  We run a rolling internship scheme, accepting applictions every 3 months, for the following roles:

  • Social Media Manager
  • Fundraising Appeal Coordinator

National and International Opportunities through FbRN

Local faith-based groups could access knowledge-building trips and more through FbRN sources.

Interfaith training workshop - St Ethelburgha's & Christian Muslim Forum

Mon 20th Oct
Full-day training workshop, aimed at all those seeking to develop a solid foundation for working or volunteering in interfaith initiatives.

Community Matters Conference 2014

Sat 22nd Nov
The theme of the 2014 conference is 'Building a successful future - Making the most of your building, your people and your connections'
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