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FAITH AND THE BIG SOCIETY: Be The Change You Want To See In The World: SEEFF

Mon 11th Apr
A regional Inter Faith Conference (SEEFF)

'The Way to a Bigger Society' Conference: Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby

Tue 22nd Feb
This conference explores the findings from four cutting edge priority areas, including: faith-based volunteering, new forms of volunteering involvement, overcoming barriers to volunteering and skills-based employer supported volunteering.  

Can we co-create the Big Society?

What is the ‘Big Society’ all about? Do faith based groups and organisations fit into it?

9 - What exactly IS capacity building?

Capacity building is an often-used term, but it's not always clear what it means.

8 - The golden rules of community development

Basic guidelines for ensuring your work is inclusive and empowering.

7 - What is faith-related community development?

A way of working that helps to empower individuals and their communities.

5 - What staff & volunteers do we need?

As well as full-time members of staff, there are four other main types of staff.

3 - A successful participative meeting

Tips for running a meeting of between about twelve and fifty people.
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