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What Next For Politics And Charities?

With the election on the horizon do you want to know what the major parties are thinking about their relationship with charities and social enterprises?

Should social action focus on emotional need? - 23rd January 2014

The last FbRN bulletin threw out something unexpected: of all the information we linked to – advice on funding, policy, events and more – one item was clicked on and downloaded more than any other.

What’s it like working with government? - 5th December 2013

FbRN started out as a particular kind of project – a group of faith-based pr

Demos Report: Faithful Providers

Demos logo

Report demonstrates benefits of religious groups being brought into service delivery. 

Guide to Welfare Reforms 2010 – 2017

Church Urban Fund report

This paper is the first of three to be published by Church Urban Fund and the Church of England on welfare reform.

Belief in Social Action: Exploring faith groups' responses to local needs

FBRN working together with Third Sector Research Centre and the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion (TSRC Working Paper 137)

The Scale and Scope of Faith Based Social Action

Report by FbRN for the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2008

Summary of "Face to Face and Side by Side"

This is a summary of Face to Face and Side by Side: a framework for partnership in our multi faith society, launched July 2008, which we hope you find useful.

More Than Measurement - online workbook