Social Media and Change

Whether or not you’ve turned on a TV or seen a newspaper lately, the chances are you’ve heard about what’s happening in Hong Kong.

Faith-based social action here and around the world - what's happening?

We were delighted to find ourselves included last week on a list produced by the Huffington Post of

The FbRN Survey Results – What you’re doing – 18th March 2014

From December to February we ran a survey asking you about your faith-based social action.

The FbRN Survey results - What you're telling us - 20th February 2014

Thank you to all who took some time out of your hectic social action schedules to tell us what you’re working on and how we can help you. You’re very busy people doing very interesting things!

Should social action focus on emotional need? - 23rd January 2014

The last FbRN bulletin threw out something unexpected: of all the information we linked to – advice on funding, policy, events and more – one item was clicked on and downloaded more than any other.

How are peaceful multifaith communities achieved? - 7th November 2013

At a recent discussion on pacifism hosted by the St Paul’

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