Research and Evidence for Faith Based Social Action

Faiths, Social Action and the Big Society:
FbRN Conference Report 2010
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Faith Communities: The Hidden Contribution?
SEEFF recently invited tenders to carry out an exciting research project to ascertain the economic value of faith groups’ contributions to the South East region.
Faith groups carry out a broad range of different activities. Many of these activities make a contribution to the local economy, even when this is not the primary or stated intention of the activity. The aim of this research project is to identify those activities across different faith groups within the South East region and establish a consistent, robust and comparable way of measuring their contribution.
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The Scale and Scope of Faith Based Social Action

This report by FbRN for the Department for Communities and Local Government in 2008 examines:

  • the scale and scope of faith based social action
  • the relationship of faith based social action to wider civil society
  • support mechanisms for faith based social action
  • the role of government

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Faith and voluntary action; an overview of current evidence and debates
edited by Veronique Jochum, Belinda Pratten and Carl Wilding, NCVO (2007)

Faith Based Voluntary Action
in the ESRC Seminar Series Mapping the Public Policy Landscape
Vivien Lowdens and Greg Smith, ESRC

North West

Faith in England’s North West: the Contribution Made by Faith Communities to Civil Society in the Region
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Faith in England’s North West: Economic Impact Assessment (2005)
Faith in England’s North West: How Faith Communities Contribute toSocial Na Economic Wellbeing (2009)

North East

Faith in the North East: Social action by faith communities in the region
Smith. K, North East Churches Regional Commission (2002)

Yorkshire and the Humber

Economic Impact Assessment of Faith Communities in Yorkshire and the Humber (2009)

East Midlands

Embracing the present, planning the future: social action by the faith communities of Leicester
Ravat.R (2004) Leicester Faiths Regeneration Project

West Midlands

Believing in the Region: a baseline study of faith bodies across the West Midlands
Regional Action West Midlands (2006) 

South West

Daily Service: How faith communities contribute to neighbourhood renewal and regeneration in the South West of England 
University of the West of England
Jackson.M & Kimberlee.R (2004)


Neighbourhood Renewal in London: the Role of Faith Communities
Greater London Enterprise and London Churches Group (2002) 

South East

Beyond Belief? - Faith at work in the community
South East England Faith Forum (2004)