The Good Fundraising Guide - where to start

Fundraising is big business! 45% of the UK voluntary sector’s total income – that’s £11.8 billion1 – comes from generous individuals, groups and businesses who choose to give to charity. But this money does not appear by magic – donors need to be asked for donations. And before that happens they need to know that there is a cause or organisation that needs their support, whether it be a monetary gift, or some of their precious spare time.

This Guide, produced by the Institute of Fundraising, aims to give charities and fundraisers a clear and comprehensive overview of the fundraising process, from planning activities, engaging volunteers and staff through to, most importantly, encouraging donors to give by using a variety of fundraising techniques. Though much fundraising activity is voluntary, fundraising is a burgeoning profession, with more and more people using their professional fundraising skills to bring about positive change. You too can develop the skills to raise money for good causes and the aim of this Guide is to provide inspiration and advice about how to make the most of your resources to run successful fundraising activities. It is a starting point for organisations that are new to fundraising or are not quite sure what fundraising entails. 

(Note: this guide is now out of print but we think it is still useful.  The Institute of Fundraising now produce a series of video guides as an introduction to fundraising -