Faithfully Meeting Local Need

Exploring partnerships, policy and faith in English faith-based organisations delivering services to the community

‘Faithfully Meeting Local Need’ is Oasis College CLiCTs first completed piece of commissioned research. Funded by Faith to Engage, the research is based on evidence gathered from five faith-based organisations delivering services in their local community. The report highlights the importance of partnership working, the need to appropriately deploy and support volunteers and the role faith plays in motivating and sustaining delivery.
The report recommends investment in the following four areas. Firstly, faith entrepreneurs, to facilitate and support visionary leaders in their development of innovative community delivery. Secondly, the building of active partnership between faith and none faith-based organisations to enhance the service delivered to clients and maximise scarce resources. Thirdly, through promoting the added value faith-based organisations offer, statutory organisations should be encouraged to commission their services. Fourthly, policy makers should be proactively encouraged to engage with, and listen to, local community organisations (faith-based or otherwise) to establish how they can best support them to meet locally identified need.

Download the report below.

Dr Anthea Rose
Oasis College
June 2013