The Big View - Reseach into what faith-based workers think of the Big Society

Nigel Pimlott, supported by Oasis College, Centre for Youth Ministry and Frontier Youth Trust

The Big View identifies that faith-based youth workers are concerned about justice and believe young people are not treated fairly. Understanding of, and views about, The Big Society, were mixed with some seeing the initiative as a great opportunity for faith-based work whilst many were still unclear about what it is all about. There was general concern that cuts in budgets for work with young people would significantly undermine the Government's Big Society initiative.

The Big View report is based on findings completed by 168 faith-based youth workers and 4 consultations held in London, Birmingham and Stoke-on-Trent between March and June 2011. The research is part of Nigel Pimlott's doctoral studies at Staffordshire Uinversity. 

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(Source: Press Release 10.9.11)