20 Fundraising steps - Near Neighbours Toolkit

Faith  organisations,  be  they  places  of  worship  or  faith  based charities,  aiming  to  meet  the  needs  of  communities  will  often need  to  seek  funding  from  sources  other  than  from  their immediate membership. To stay true to their faith teachings and meet good standards as set out in law, carefully planned steps will be required to help reach the funding required. The average faith leader may have some knowledge of fundraising but will not be an expert or have enough time to commit to the task. Often others in a faith group with little experience are asked to take on what can be a very demanding task. 

The good news is that successful fundraising isn’t just reserved for highly paid experts; in fact anyone can begin to learn about fundraising  using  this  simple  toolkit.  It  will  help  you  plan  your fundraising  strategy  in  20  progressive  steps  by  revealing ‘tricks  of  the  trade’.  Every  project  will  have  its  own  unique requirements, but this toolkit is based on factors common to all and compiled from the  practice of many successful faith based fundraisers.

20 Fundraising Steps is one of a series of guides available for download from Near Neighbours.