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 Mitzvah Day UK became a registered charity in 2008 after its founder, Laura Marks, experienced Mitzvah day for herself when she lived in the US.  She was so moved by the spirit behind it and the atmosphere it engendered that she brought the idea to the JCC (Jewish Community Centre for London), the charity’s founding partner.  It is based on the American concept of Mitzvah Day - a day of opportunity for Jews to participate in the holy task of tikkun olam, repairing the world. Mitzvah Day is a single day of Jewish led social action where thousands of people around the world join together in a concerted effort to spend one day volunteering with social justice projects/activities in the community. No fundraising takes place.  The aim is to reduce hardship and poverty, to help the environment and bring joy through volunteering with an emphasis on supporting existing charities and building stronger communities.

Mitzvah Day is not just for Jews but for all those touched by the Jewish community, including partners from other faiths.  The idea is that the day provides a focus for activity and social action throughout the community. 

Over the years an enormous number and wide range of charities have benefited from Mitzvah Day volunteers including Barnados, Marie Curie and the Salvation Army as well as numerous lesser known organisations.   Participants can choose from a variety of projects that cater to diverse interests, capabilities, and ages. These  include visiting the elderly, collecting goods to donate to charity, writing to troops, environmental cleanup operations or even donating blood. 

Mitzvah Day UK has grown phenomenally since Laura Marks first introduced the concept.  Only 600 volunteers took part in the 2007 event, a number which was swamped by the 10,000 participants the following year and 15,000 in 2009.  This was also the first year that Mitzvah Day was marked across the world with events in France, Hungary and Israel as well as the US.


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