Mitzvah Day - 17th November 2013. What's happening? Find out more

With Mitzvah Day 2013 coming up soon, find out more about what happens across the UK. 

"Every year on Mitzvah Day an astounding 25,000+ people say 'yes' to social action and giving, spreading goodness, repairing the broken and quite simply, making this world a better place.  Now a well-anticipated focal point in British Jewry's annual calendar, Mitzvah Day galvanises participants – regardless of age, faith, affiliation, gender or socio-economic position – to donate their time and energy to a diverse range of vital causes that make a tangible difference to  those in need around the world.  We have seen that genuine community inclusion occurs when everyone, regardless of capability, participates side-by-side. Mitzvah Day’s hundreds of social action initiatives are underpinned by our mission to reduce hardship and poverty, care better for our environment and give a little joy.  We bring these Jewish values alive by creating opportunities and partnerships that put them to work. It's all about imaginative hands-on projects that play a pivotal part in building stronger communities, creating durable links between different faiths and charities, both Jewish and not, and cultivating valuable relationships with other faith groups."

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