Interfaith Action

Interfaith Action is a not for profit organisation working with young people and students from all faith backgrounds, across London to develop interfaith volunteer projects. Our aim is to build understanding and respect between people of all faiths (and none), working predominantly with 14-25 year olds. We achieve this through facilitating dialogue, raising awareness and strengthening understanding; but most uniquely through establishing volunteer projects for young people to participate in over a specific period of time - building friendships and working together for mutual benefit to them and their local community). We work with university students, chaplains and student uninons to establish interfaith groups and activities on campus. And produce Interact magazine the only (known) interfaith, culture and lifestyle magazine produced by and for students, in the UK.
contact person: 
Kathryn Luckock (Project Manager)
Star House, 104 Grafton Road, Kentish Town, London, NW5 4BA