IDEA - Interfaith Dorset Education & Action

Interfaith Dorset Education and Action (IDEA) was founded in 2007 after over 80 faith representatives from Bournemouth, Poole and other communities attended a conference on the environmental role of faith groups. It grew quickly, becoming a membership organisation in 2009

IDEA’s goals are to educate people about environmental challenges and the responses to them by different faith traditions, so that positive life changes may be made.

Organising year-round events across Dorset, IDEA is in contact with hundreds of faith communities, promoting active, creative and sustainable ways of living that are not in conflict with religious beliefs.

Projects include the Ecommunity Award Scheme, which several Dorset schools are taking part in. The award is a framed and signed certificate for public display, and there are two classifications: Basic and Distinction, the latter recognising communities that have put forth particularly significant effort.

The Ecommunity Award lasts for a year, and may be awarded to any community - be it a faith-based community, a community of learners or a social community - that demonstrates wise use of natural resources and environmental awareness within spiritual practice, and has held recent interfaith and environmental events.

Members of IDEA receive a quarterly newsletter and may use the organisation’s website to advertise interfaith and environmental activities. They are entitled to reduced admission at all IDEA events in Dorset as well as to vote at the annual general meeting.


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Rabbi Neil Amswych

PO Box 8

07958 076 550