DoorWays Project Saltburn

Doorways Project, Saltburn

Established in 1998 by Saltburn Christian Projects, the DoorWays project objective is to provide facilities and support networks for young people aged 13-25, living in and around Saltburn.   Aiming to encourage young people to take a responsible role in their community, the project provides a variety of services including sports activities, counselling, safety-awareness workshops, ‘drop in’ runs and support for young people faced with sexual health issues and teenage pregnancy. 

The project has also responded to the problems faced by young people in the current economic situation by laying the groundwork to deliver AQA accredited training.  It is hoped that this will enable them to achieve skills needed for independent living and access to the job market.  Furthermore, with the help of Routes2Employment, DoorWays offers support to those who are out of work and actively seeking employment.

In recognition of regional demographics, DoorWays also works through a local hostel to provide services for Saltburn’s refugees.

Although a Christian project, DoorWays makes no judgements regarding young people whatever their background, belief, culture or sexuality, they simply provide help or advice where possible or refer to others when necessary.

project started: 
contact person: 
Liam Gardiner

2 Station Buildings, Saltburn by Sea, TS12 1AQ

01287 625305