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The ASHA Centre
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The ASHA Centre 

The ASHA Centre is a charity which encourages and supports philanthropy worldwide and works for interfaith and intercultural understanding. It was established in 1996 by the humanitarian and author, Zerbanoo Gifford and is located in the Royal Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire.

ASHA comes from the Sanskrit root meaning “eternal law,” “the inherent nature of existence.” In Avestan Persian the word ASHA means “the righteous way” and “divine justice.” In many languages it also means “hope.”
The mission of the ASHA Centre is to promote peaceful co-operation between people of different religions and cultures. The Centre specifically seeks to work with the young, fostering community participation through a holistic programme of performing and visual arts, conservation projects and personal transformation.

In an example of its pioneering work, groups of young Arab and Jewish Israelis spend time together at the Centre. Having overcome their initial hostility, they work to create a play which they then take home and perform in Israel. This unites audiences from their divided communities. The experiment has now been adopted by young people from South Africa and across numerous communities worldwide.

The ASHA Centre also has a large house nearby which is home to young volunteers, who come to learn and work in ASHA‘s biodynamic gardens and to offer their personal skills to the Centre and the local community.
The ASHA Centre aims to be self-funding by hosting conferences, retreats, weddings and special events, for example it is the venue for the training of Interfaith ministers. All proceeds go towards funding ASHA’s ground-breaking work with young people.

The ASHA Centre
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