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A selection of blogs, websites and resources we think you might find useful and interesting.

Tools and systems for improving organisational efficiency:

INTRAC are a resource and training organisation for international NGOs but lots of their material is equally useful to UK voluntary organisations. Here are a number of useful resources on Monitoring and Evaluation: 

Overview page - - and several recent blogs (look out for those with Monitoring &Evaluation in the title):   

Some interesting writing from the Centre for Local Economic Strategies:

Each of them begs certain questions for faith groups

If “the Chancellor’s plan is bad news for struggling families and communities” and “now is the moment when values about the future, about growth, can once again be discussed” then should faith communities be part of the debate?

If “2014 could be the year when a consensus begins to emerge for a new political, social and economic settlement” and “Such a consensus will be best achieved if progressive voices across the political spectrum, the trade unions, socially responsible companies, the voluntary and community sector, faith groups and place focused local authorities can put aside any ‘super egos’ and self-interest to find common cause" are faith groups rising to this challenge?

The piece linked to talks about Council assets but in any conversation about assets we need to think about how the assets of faith groups are working for their neighbourhoods and communities. How can we do this?