FbRN Conference 2013 photo gallery

FbRN Conference

With delegates from every faith and all parts of the country, the conference was a truly ecumenical experience. A mixture of grassroots community organisers, researchers, government and policy officials, and religious professionals, all came together to share ideas and good practice in the world of Faith-based social action.

At the FbRN conference Birmingham
FbRN conference workshop
FbRN conference panel
FbRN conference discussion
FbRN conference discussion

Here are some of the comments from our feedback survey:

"It was great to be in a religiously inclusive environment, which in my view assisted the discussion."

"Very good discussions. Always find the people I meet at FbRN very stimulating and a good mix of practical and theoretical."

"It was helpful to put my role in a wider context and to make some networking connections."

For more information on conference proceedings and workshops, watch this space!