A Jewish Perspective by Leonie Lewis, FbRN Trustee

Social action is a response to delivering a range of programmes and activities that are required to sustain a community. They are frequently associated with creating a better society and improving the lives of all, especially those disadvantaged

In Judaism I understand this as our responsibility to one another within & outside our own faith community and  & see faith  social action as innovative programmatic opportunities that encourage participation and volunteering and  at its heart is the notion of responsibility and reciprocity.

Judaism has several words that describe social action

Tzedakah, meaning charity, but really meaning justice, Mitzvah, meaning command but frequently translated as good deed, Hessed acts of Kindness and Tikkun Olam, repair of the world.

Mitzvah Day 2012 a huge success

Mitzvah Day
Mitzvah Day 2012 saw communities across the UK come together to serve others for the common good.

Interlink Foundation

Interlink’s mission is to strengthen Orthodox Jewish community organisations and interests, improving access to services and achieving better outcomes for disadvantaged people.

Mitzvah Day UK

Mitzvah Day UK