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Faiths and Frontiers on the Starship Social Enterprise

boldly going as faith based entrepreneurs?


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This is an important report for policy makers and for faith communities themselves, on the implications of faith involvement in social enterprise. It is based on five seminars with faith based practitioners in different areas of England and is written by Dr Adam Dinham, Director of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit of Anglia Ruskin University.

The seminars were held in a partnership comprising FbRN, the Faiths & Civil Societies Unit of Anglia Ruskin University and Community Development Banking of NatWest/RBS, and supported by local partners in the relevant areas.

Government is actively seeking the involvement of faith based groups to develop social enterprises and deliver a wide range of public services. This new role holds much promise. So, our publication reports on responses from the faith based organisations themselves on such questions as:

  • is developing social enterprise the right path for all faith based organisations working for change?
  • what do they need to consider in order to make their decision?
  • what skills, knowledge and support will they need?
  • do they have a particular role?
  • if Government wants to encourage and facilitate faith based social enterprises, what does it need to know and do? And what changes does it need to make?


"Keeping It Together" and "Priceless, Unmeasurable?"

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Priceless Unmeasurable has now been replaced by the more up to date Faith Based Social Action - available to download below

Two publications, launched by the Faith Based Regeneration Network, demonstrate the value of faiths in community development. In a period where the need for community cohesion is greater than ever, these two guides illustrate how faith communities can be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.

Keeping It Together is a toolkit produced for faith based community development practitioners. The toolkit does not offer a series of off the shelf solutions - instead it encourages readers to consider a number of ideas and to draw on a diverse range of experiences from the wider community development sector.

Priceless, Unmeasurable? (which explored  the economic and human value of faiths in community development which is unmeasurable by government standards and priceless by the standards of human experience) has now been replaced by Faith Based Social Action which is a more up to date version of this.  Both downloadable below.

These timely publications resulted from a partnership between FbRN, the Churches Community Work Alliance, the Community Development Exchange and the Faiths and Civil Society Unit at Anglia Ruskin University. In a programme funded by the Faith Communities Capacity Building Fund a series of six seminars for practitioners were held round England. Keeping It Together and Priceless, Unmeasurable? are the results of what we learned.

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Tools for Regeneration: Practical Advice for Faith Communities.

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The second edition of FbRN’s popular Toolkit contains updated and expanded sections on:

  • The context of faith involvement in regeneration
  • Setting up and managing a community organisation
  • Community development and capacity building in faith based organisations
  • Evaluation and performance measurement
  • Fundraising and resource mobilisation
  • Working in partnership

And new sections on:

  • Staffing and employment; a step by step guide to employing a worker in a faith based organisation
  • Social enterprise; from basics to marketing and impact

Sections are clearly set out so it is easy to find what you need. Packed with information and practical ‘how to do it’ advice, it is a valuable aid to those just starting out as well as those who are longer established. Practitioners from other sectors who are seeking to work in partnership with faith communities will also find much that is useful.

FbRN is grateful to Royal Bank of Scotland/NatWest Community Development Banking for support in publishing this edition.

About the authors

Rumman Ahmed was the Community Relations Adviser to the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. He was the chief project adviser to the £10 million Muslim Cultural Heritage Centre project in North Kensington. He was a member of a number of government advisory groups on faith and race and is a board member of the London Development Agency.

Doreen Finneron is the Executive Director of the Faith Based Regeneration Network. She worked in faith based regeneration at a community level in Manchester for fourteen years. She was the National Development Officer for the Church Urban Fund and has a PhD in Community Development.

Steve Miller has been a freelance social entrepreneur and community consultant for over 30 years. He is Chair of the Kings Cross Homelessness Project and Restore Community Projects which he helped to found. Consultant to London Civic Forum on community engagement and faith led initiatives and currently Chair of the Make Poverty History Jewish Coalition and Board member of the Jubilee Debt Campaign.

Harmander Singh is a Strategy Officer in local government. He is active in his local Sikh community in the UK as well as at national level through ‘Sikhs in England’. He is a member of a number of government advisory groups on faith, is a lay magistrate and an adviser to a number of police forces.

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Faiths, Social Action and Big Society

Faith, Social Action and Big Society - FbRN 2010 conference report
Download the report from the Faith Based Regeneration Network UK National Conference held on 19th October 2010

Big Society has been a phrase high on the government agenda since the Coalition Government was formed in May 2010. While there had been a lot of debate and printed matter on what Big Society might mean there had been little thought about its implications for faith communities. Faith communities are present in every community, whether geographic communities or communities of interest. They are often to the fore in tackling issues of local deprivation, and making life better in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK.

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Interactive project development for faith based organisations involved in social action

In Practical Spirit members of ten faith based social action projects share their learning about different aspects of project development. They illustrate how their faith values infuse the particular aspect of project management they discuss. They offer real practical advice drawn from theory and experience.

You will discover more about:

  • managing volunteers
  • becoming an effective communicator
  • holding your faith values when managing finances and grant funding
  • turning evaluation from a bore to a benefit
  • and much more

The booklet supports the video interviews, and then invites the reader to participate in reflection on their own faith based social action project in the light of the learning offered.

Readers are encouraged to share their learning with FbRN.

To order copies of the booklet, please email admin@fbrn.org.uk

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