Faith-based social action here and around the world - what's happening?

We were delighted to find ourselves included last week on a list produced by the Huffington Post of 100 faith-based organisations doing good in the world (we're sixth on the list, though it's not in any particular order!). As you might imagine, there is a wide range of activity on display here including gang exit strategies in the USA, building communities for orphans in South Africa, anti-malaria projects making a global impact and multifaith community organising. It’s an inspiring list that shows how the common good looks in diverse countries and communities, with representatives from the Jewish, Baha’i, Christian, Muslim, Sikh and other faiths.

Interesting themes emerging are the rise in grassroots work – local community members working productively in co-operation with each other for the good of their area, the increasingly well-developed relationships between multi-faith partners moving on from the tentative, fact finding conversations of the early years of working together, and the proactive steps of faith communities into working with and defending the rights of groups still seen as vulnerable, and the increasingly noticeable voice in the public space. It is encouraging to see women of faith organising and getting involved in important topics such as domestic violence and the justice system.

Thanks to our great partnerships, relationships and conversations with so many of you all over the UK, we know we can highlight a hundred and then more without going overseas! We would love to hear from you what you’re doing. Not only do we have a great resource on our website, listing stories, case studies and more, we are always developing networks through the information you give us. So, get in touch! Tell us what you’re doing and how your faith group is making a difference in your community.