Faiths and Frontiers on the Starship Social Enterprise

boldly going as faith based entrepreneurs?


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This is an important report for policy makers and for faith communities themselves, on the implications of faith involvement in social enterprise. It is based on five seminars with faith based practitioners in different areas of England and is written by Dr Adam Dinham, Director of the Faiths and Civil Society Unit of Anglia Ruskin University.

The seminars were held in a partnership comprising FbRN, the Faiths & Civil Societies Unit of Anglia Ruskin University and Community Development Banking of NatWest/RBS, and supported by local partners in the relevant areas.

Government is actively seeking the involvement of faith based groups to develop social enterprises and deliver a wide range of public services. This new role holds much promise. So, our publication reports on responses from the faith based organisations themselves on such questions as:

  • is developing social enterprise the right path for all faith based organisations working for change?
  • what do they need to consider in order to make their decision?
  • what skills, knowledge and support will they need?
  • do they have a particular role?
  • if Government wants to encourage and facilitate faith based social enterprises, what does it need to know and do? And what changes does it need to make?