Turning the Tide Against Tuberculosis - A Community Initiative

24 Mar 2014 - 11:00am - 4:00pm

The Muslim Council of Britain, Islamic centres in London and NHS clinicians will explore how local religious communities could take a lead in helping combat TB in London.

London is reported to have the highest rate of Tuberculosis of any Western European capital.  Nearly 40% of UK's TB cases are in London. 

TB affects some UK communities disproportionately. About 75% of cases are from people born in countries where TB is more common, mostly The Indian Sub-continent (60% of cases) and sub-Saharan Africa (22%).

Controlling the spread of infection and reducing the number of affected individuals is and remains a high public health priority for the UK.  However, despite continuing improvement in diagnostic and treatment services the figures have remained stubbornly high, the number of drug resistant TB cases also increasing.

World TB Day provides an opportunity to reflect on what can be done to turn the tide against tuberculosis. How can we unlock the expertise and cooperation of affected communities?  Can religious leaders (Imams) and faith communities help? What is the experience of local people and diaspora communities?

Together, we want to transform the way TB is tackled – awareness raising, screening, early diagnosis and successful treatment – and to enable communities across London and the UK to co-produce effective and efficient services which work. 

Led by the Muslim Council of Britain, and including Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network and London Boroughs Faiths Network, community groups will come together with public health professionals for a day of knowledge exchange and planning, to explore fresh ideas and to pilot new approaches to tackling tuberculosis and other health issues.  We will share insights and concerns; break out groups will identify opportunities and challenges.  

By the end of the afternoon the next steps in co-producing realistic and grounded services will have been agreed.  This is an important meeting by invitation only and should be booked early.

Regent Hall, 275 Oxford Street, London, W1C 2DJ
organised by: 
Muslim Council of Great Britian