Poverty & Homelessness Action Week 2011

29 Jan 2011 (All day) - 6 Feb 2011 (All day)

Raise your voice and make sure everyone is counted!

There is going to be a census of the population in 2011, as there is every 10 years.

The census will try to list all of the people who live in the country – but chances are, many won’t be included, notably the ‘hidden homeless’ as well as destitute asylum-seekers.
Campaigners and groups everywhere to make sure everyone is counted, by taking part in Poverty & Homelessness Action Week:
  • Use action week's free resources to organise a special event to raise awareness or funds.
  • Help excluded people to register for the census, or make their voices heard.
  • Join with thousands of other campaigners across the UK.
Visit www.actionweek.org.uk now for more information and free resources