Living the new story of peace

30 Jan 2015 - 10:00am

A discussion-based workshop exploring new understandings of peace and systemic change.

In the past, conflict and peace have been viewed through the lens of polarity.  Parties with opposing views disagree and generate friction.  Peace is about coming to understand 'the Other' and achieving resolution which is expressed through the cessation of argument.  

In today's multicultural, diverse and increasingly interconnected world, new models of peace are emerging. Difference is often not about 'us' and 'them'.  We are increasingly aware of multiple dimensions of diversity, and the tapestries of grey areas and rich complexity within any relational field.  Peace-makers like Jean-Paul Lederach have shown us how conflict and tension can be creative doorways enabling a whole system to change at a deeper level.  Alongside this we are coming to understand our fundamental interdependence with each other and our ecological systems.  

All of this alters in profound ways, our understanding of 'self' and 'other' and so has important implications for how we approach peace work and community building.  

This workshop will explore the following themes: 

  • Living in times of transition – understanding the territory we are in.
  • Exploring the relationship between the various challenges we face, and what we mean by systemic change.
  • Old and new models of peace - is interdependence the new lens for looking at peace?
  • What can we learn about peace from the field of ecology?
  • What can we learn about peace from the evolving field of new economics?  
  • What is the relevance of the dimension of the 'sacred'?  How does inter-relatedness express itself in the connection between inner and outer worlds? 
  • What skills, approaches and mind sets are needed for this kind of approach to peace?  
  • How might the world look if this new understanding of interdependence emerged within mainstream society underpinning all aspects of daily life? 
  • How does large scale change happen and how can we play our part?

The workshop will be lead by the St Ethelburga's Team.  

how to book:
St Ethelburga's Centre for Reconciliation and Peace
78 Bishopsgate London, EC2N 4AG United Kingdom
£25 - 40
organised by: 
St Ethelburga's