Housing Justice 10th Annual Conference

The Light Church, Bradford

This year's conference is on 12th June and the theme is 'Mobilising the Church'.

This year's conference is a special milestone, as 2013 is our 10th Anniversary. Catholic Housing Aid Society merged in 2003 with the Churches National Housing Coalition, between them with more than 70 years of action and advocacy on housing need.

Over the last 10 years we have

Supported the development of new Church Night Shelters across the country

Provided training to thousands of church volunteers in shelters and other practical projects

Helped Churches use their land and property to develop new affordable housing through our Faith in Affordable Housing project

Developed a Human Rights framework, which has added a new dimension to our work, while also affording the opportunity to create strategic alliances with key Human Rights organisations, notably LIBERTY 

Launched a new Charter for Christian Homelessness Agencies

While the work of responding to the needs of homeless people goes on, it is good to pause and reflect, share notes and encouragement, and revisit our responses and strategies.

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Housing Justice
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