Empowering People: How do we support learning for democracy and social action?

6 Dec 2010 - 10:00am - 4:00pm

Keynote Speaker:  Oliver Letwin, MP, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office

Who is this event for? 

a)     Community organisers and activists in London, East of England, and the South East
b)     Chief officers and managers in voluntary sector networks and infrastructure bodies
c)      Curriculum managers for community engagement, citizenship, participation and practical politics in adult, community, further and higher education
d)     Staff in local authorities and the public sector concerned with community development, engagement, equalities, citizenship, participation and democratic services
e)     Partners in Take Part, the Empowerment Programme and Empowerment Partnerships


  1. Find out what people are doing to learn how to have an effective voice and take action
  2. Tell people what you are doing, and what support you want in your area or organisations
  3. Strengthen support for learning active citizenship, inclusive democracy, practical politics and participation
The day aims to encourage community groups, learning providers and public services to work together on learning for democracy and social action through local ‘democracy hubs’.
Keynote Speaker:  Oliver Letwin, MP, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office
in conversation with Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive, RSA, former Chief Advisor on Political Strategy to Tony Blair and head of the IPPR think tank.
This event is free of charge and includes lunch. To book, and for all other information, please contact Anneata.Lai@novasscarman.org
Westminster Central Hall, London