Conflict Coaching for Faith Leaders

8 Sep 2014 (All day)

A certificated three-day training course in conflict coaching, for anyone in a position of leadership or responsibility in a faith community who would like to gain skills and guidance in effectively approaching and responding to conflict.

Conflict coaching is a highly effective intervention suitable for faith community conflicts. Coaching prevents tensions and differences from escalating, and empowers individuals to understand and resolve conflict effectively.

This three-day training course will integrate elements of our Conflict Resilience Programme for Faith Communities, incorporating spiritual and faith-based exercises with the structured seven-stage St Ethelburga’s model of Conflict Coaching. This is based partly on Jones and Brinkert's Comprehensive Conflict Coaching model, augmented with skills, practices and perspectives informed by St Ethelburga's approach to difference and disagreement, as well as our extensive experiences working with diverse faith leaders.

Course dates:

  • Mon 8th Sept 10am - 5pm;
  • Tues 9th Sept 10am - 5pm;
  • Mon 20th Oct (The third day of the course four weeks later is focused around practice, peer development, evaluation, and trouble shooting).

The course will include:

  • faith inspirations and principles that can inform responses to conflict;
  • working with the conflict story;
  • analysing conflict through the lenses of identity, power and emotion;
  • setting goals and defining the ideal outcome;
  • understanding personal conflict styles;
  • improving a range of conflict response skills (including effective communication, anger management, disagreement success, and role play);
  • practice with observation and feedback;
  • time for reflection and pause built in to the training.

Watch a short video explaining our model.


Aimed at:  anyone in a position of leadership or responsibility in a faith community who would like to gain skills and guidance in effectively approaching and responding to conflict.

To receive a certificate: Participants need to complete a minimum of 4 client hours with written notes, and return for the final day.  We can help you locate clients to practice on. 


What Conflict Coaching participants have said:

"The conflict coaching model and coaching principles were very useful, and the facilitators were brilliant.  Very interactive."

"The uses for conflict coaching are probably greater than those for mediation.  This is an area I'd really like to get in to.  The workshop was balanced and well structured."

“Thank you for two wonderful days this week.  I learned so much, felt very connected, and the facilitation was excellent.”


What Conflict Resilience Programme participants have said:

‘A refreshing opportunity to look at conflict in our leadership team with we had not done before.’

‘I found it very encouraging and inspiring, it was a privilege to hear people’s stories and experiences.’

‘It is very good to be doing this-something to build on in the future.’        


Cost (for 3 days):

  • Orgs- £500
  • Individuals- £250
  • Concessions- £150 (students/unemployed- please bring ID on the day)

Refund policy

Our coaching courses are always fully booked and last minute refunds mean a loss of revenue for us that cannot be replaced. Refunds incur a £25 administration charge up to 3 weeks before the course. Between 3 weeks and 7 days before the course, a 60% refund will be given. After 7 days no refunds are available.



JH pic Justine Huxley has a Ph.D in psychology and a diploma in integrative counselling. She has worked at St Ethelburga’s for 8 years.  She is enthusiastic about the potential of conflict coaching to effect change. “Coaching can support people to stay relational, even when they are feeling very challenged, and to maintain their sense of self-empowerment. Then they are much better placed to respond intelligently and to work through difficulties successfully, which is a great opportunity for growth”.  

Justine is joined by Marianne Zeck and Angharad Thain.

Marianne will be inputting a session on anger management using the art of self-regulation model, which helps us to understand and practice cultivating a sense of embodied calmness and empathy. Angharad will be inputting sessions on conflict resilience, including personal profiling tools and exercises on the elements of conflict resilience within faith groups. She will also be leading a session looking at faith inspirations behind responses to conflict.


how to book:
£150 - £500
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