Beyond Belief: Religion and Belief in Professional Practice, Bradford

7 Sep 2011 (All day) - 8 Sep 2011 (All day)

This international conference aims to stimulate discussion amongst practitioners, service providers, carers, users, policy makers and academics about the impact of religion and belief on professional practice in social work and health and social care.  

Religion and belief often play a very significant role in determining the ways in which people interpret events, resolve dilemmas, make decisions and view themselves, their own actions and the actions of others.

Contemporary health and social care is practised in a richly diverse, multi-ethnic and multi-faith society; a society in which religious and other beliefs are of crucial importance to many and play some role in shaping the worldview of most. Service providers and policy makers need to ensure that their services are accessible, appropriate and meet the needs of those identifying with different religions as well as those who do not. Practitioners (whether they have specific religious or spiritual beliefs or none) need to recognise the potential impact of their reactions to people who espouse beliefs and values which differ from their own.

Supported by Joseph Rowntree Foundation, this conference includes keynote speakers, parallel presentations and workshops on a range of issues including: working with different service user groups, safeguarding children and vulnerable adults, the contribution of chaplaincy, mental illness from traditional African African and Islamic perspectives, and the potential strengths associated with religious beliefs to assist people to cope with poor health and other life crises.

Both days £125, Thursday only £100, Weds pm £50
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University of Bradford
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