Impact of Evaluation in the Third Sector: TSRC event, London

Tue 5th Apr
How does evaluation and impact measurement affect voluntary and community organisations and social enterprises? Does it benefit their users, increase their legitimacy or fundamentally change the way they work?

Manipulation or Motivation? How to make the most of the time, skills and experience of your volunteers: SA.HQ London

Wed 16th Mar
With limited budgets and staff, churches and community projects rely heavily on volunteers but…  Are organisations really looking after and listening to them?  Do organisations make the most of each volunteer's potential?

Modernising Volunteering – The Way to a Bigger Society (Newcastle upon Tyne)

Wed 26th Jan
A one-day conference for everyone who wants to be at the forefront of volunteering developments in the North East and help pave the way to the ‘Big Society.’

Big Society: Moving from Rhetoric to Reality

Tue 11th Jan
  The overall aim of this seminar is to provide the opportunity for delegates to explore this agenda and look at how this will impact upon social issues in the West Midlands

'The Way to a Bigger Society' Conference: Multi-Faith Centre at the University of Derby

Tue 22nd Feb
This conference explores the findings from four cutting edge priority areas, including: faith-based volunteering, new forms of volunteering involvement, overcoming barriers to volunteering and skills-based employer supported volunteering.  
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