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Nottingham & Sheffield
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A project offering free community development training to a wide range of local support and development organisations

Community-based English language competition: stage 1 prospectus

Funding competition for English language teaching

New FbRN course: 'More than Measurement'

A webhosted learning tool to engage local faith based social action projects in reflective evaluation.

The Trustee’s Role in Sustainable Funding: London

Thu 14th Jun
This half day session is aimed at trustees who want to be strategic about their organisation’s financial sustainability. 

Developing a new model of supporting community action

 Urban forum asks members for opinions on the way forward

God Talk: Leicester

Thu 24th May
 A conference to explore the language we can use about God, for all engaged with theology in cathedrals, churches and colleges.

Christian Interfaith Practitioners' Annual Conference 2012: Manchester

Tue 15th May - Thu 17th May
  A question of faith: Dialogue and debate from our streets.

When Abel met Cain: London

Fri 1st Jun
 A vivid, turbulent storytelling journey and a powerful portrayal of the Israel-Palestine conflict.    In their quest, storyteller Raphael Rodan and musician Anastasios Sarakatsanos join powers to probe into the darker side of the human psyche and find light.
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