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“We don’t do God…” Keeping faith in your community project. London

Wed 26th Jan
Why do some Christian community projects sometimes lose their faith? Does receiving secular funding always dilute spiritual purposes? Are there community projects that have kept the flame burning?

Promoting Active Inclusion: LVSTC’s winter conference and AGM

Tue 7th Dec
An EY2010 event to explore latest developments of the European Social Fund across Europe,England and London, in particular.

In Conversation and Action: ‘Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam’, the Universal Family; (with Help from Hindu Coucil North)

Sun 28th Nov
   HFB are conducting this workshop to bring awareness about Interfaith Dialogue. They aim to build stronger community relations, positive change and understanding. It is important to promote good Interfaith relations by informing the Hindu and local communities of the positive aspects of interfaith engagement.

Empowering People: How do we support learning for democracy and social action?

Mon 6th Dec
Keynote Speaker:  Oliver Letwin, MP, Minister of State at the Cabinet Office

The Community Mission Conference

Fri 1st Oct
Passionate about seeing your community transformed through the work of your church? Take part into the Community Mission Conference and be inspired and resourced

Interlink Foundation

Interlink’s mission is to strengthen Orthodox Jewish community organisations and interests, improving access to services and achieving better outcomes for disadvantaged people.

Why Does Racism Exist?

Tue 14th Sep
Building Bridges Pendle presents a Community Seminar ...
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