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The lies we tell ourselves: ending comfortable myths about poverty

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Download this report which lays to rest the myths that both poverty and wealth are deserved.

A Year of Service report

A Year of Service report
The full text of the end of project report, written by Jane Winter, is now available to download. 

FbRN National Conference

FbRN conference
National Conference 2013 18th March 2013   Facing the Challenges, Looking for Opportunities Innovation, Networking, Policy, Practice, Research, Skills

Belief in Social Action: Exploring faith groups' responses to local needs

FBRN working together with Third Sector Research Centre and the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion (TSRC Working Paper 137)

Faith in Social Action: Where Next? Updates and documents

Tue 24th May
University of Westminster
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 A day conference for faith based practitioners, third sector leaders, researchers and policy makersHosted by Faith-based Regeneration Network, Third Sector Research Centre, University of Birmingham, and the Edward Cadbury Centre for the Public Understanding of Religion

Community Cohesion and Social Inclusion

Public Policy Exchange
"The Equality Act 2010 and the subsequent publication ‘Equality strategy: building a fairer Britain’ highlighted Government aims to devolve power to local communities and promote greater participation and inclusion within a public, political and community context. It is hoped that this will underpin the Government’s policies on the Big Society, integration and localism. Furthermore, with ‘religion and belief’ included in the Equality Act, there is a greater impetus for councils to work in partnership with voluntary and community sector organisations (VCS) and faith based organisations (FBOs) to achieve mutual policy goals, service delivery and social action objectives, as well as tackling the macro government agendas on partnership, community empowerment and countering violent extremism." Read more here:

How are peaceful multifaith communities achieved? - 7th November 2013

At a recent discussion on pacifism hosted by the St Paul’

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